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I remember the first time I saw the faces of the girls in the band Cherri Bomb, expanded on a large sign positioned on the side of the venue Roxy, right in front of the entrance to the Rainbow Bar and Grill, one of the bars of rock most legendary of Sunset Strip and Los Angeles. Had heard of such a good girl band, which Samantha Maloney, former drummer of Hole was businesswoman. On Twitter, Brazilian fan clubs  asked me repeatedly to give attention to the sound of the adolescent group ascending. When they opened for Lostprophets at Roxy, in 2012, could finally see them live.
The sisters Nia Lovelis (drums) and Rena Lovelis (bass), Miranda Miller (guitar) and Julia Pierce (vocals and guitar) impressed me. They formed the band in 2008 when Julia came to California at age 11, wanting to be lead singer of a only girls rock band . In 2011, they released their first EP called "Stark". The following year, the first studio album, "This Is The End of Control", came out by Hollywood Records, and brought local notoriety.
The comparison with The Runaways is inevitable, but the band claims that the chosen name was inspired by a book with the same title. "A collection of stories told by women in the rock world," says Nia Lovelis on VH1.
Cherri Bomb became the youngest girl band playing on Warped Tour and opened for artists such as Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, and Buckcherry. Last month, while opening for Buckcherry at the Viper Room, announced the departure of Julia Pierce of the band, and the entry of a new member, Casey Moreta - a boy. On stage, to formalize the entry of new member, Nia asked Casey to marry. The news caused great controversy among fans.
I went to the house band Cherri Bomb in one afternoon -they were rehearsing for a show at Troubledor-  to talk about the decision to stop being a band just for girls, and about being on the road, playing rock since childhood.
"Rena and I started playing with several people because we wanted to have different experiences," says the friendly and energetic drummer Nia Lovelis, who heads the interview. "When the changes began to happen (with the departure of Julia and also businesswoman Samantha Maloney), we started to test how it would play with different girls. In the end, we think Casey was the perfect choice. And so we decided. "
"Many people have said negative things about his entry," she continued. "Some fans write me and say they have stopped listening to the band for this. I think they would say negative things about anyone who entered. People are afraid of change. Ourselves we were scared to have a boy in the band, and he was afraid of being in a band with only girls. Some of our fans will continue on the journey, and others will hear other songs. "
"I was so shocked that day, when they officially invited me to join the band, who missed all last song," Casey said, adding that live with the three is "totally awesome."
"This is the coolest thing he's ever said of us," jokes Rena.
I asked about the creation of each one, and have graduated in the school.
"We have not formed yet. Study at home, do lessons on the internet and try to balance studies and music, "says Rena. "Music is our focus, but studying is also important for our training."
"Rena and I started studying at home first," says Nia. "We were shooting straight, and signed a contract with Hollywood Records. We would have lost a lot more if we had continued lessons in public school. Thus we lose nothing. Our parents support us too as they are also musicians and understand our passion. My father plays keyboards and my mother was a singer and guitarist. She did very pop rock. " His mother, Anna Lovelis, sits behind the band, following the interview, and making it clear where it comes from the influence of the daughters. As Rena, she has long hair in colorful dreadlocks.
"My mother makes musicals and gives singing lessons," says Miranda. "And my grandfather is a jazz pianist. Our families do a little of everything in every genre. "
Rena starts laughing when telling this story: "When we moved to California, we had a lot of family here. At Christmas, my parents decided it would be boring to send cards written 'daddy' and 'mommy' then wrote 'Uncle Marilyn Manson', 'Trent Reznor uncle' or 'aunt Madonna'. Nia and I grew up thinking that Marilyn Manson and Madonna were our uncles. One day I asked my mother why we never at Uncle Marilyn Manson? And only then she told us the truth. We met him backstage at Soundwave last year, and he came to me and said, "gonna fuck." Meet our fake uncle was badass. The drum teacher of Nia is the drummer for Marilyn Manson and I think he told the story to him. "
At the moment, the band is writing an album. "We wrote a song the other day with our friends of Lostprophets. It's been really fun to write. We have some guest writers, but we can not reveal. "
About the possibility of going to Brazil, speak with excitement: "If we had to go to Brazil, we would immediately! Everyone says that Brazil is the world's best place to do a show, because the audience is the best of all. We love our Brazilian fans! Please help us get there" they ask.
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